This is Proof: Zimbabwe

PROOF: Zimbabwe
Estimating economic losses to tourism in Africa from the illegal killing of elephants
The Truth Hunters are Funding Anti-Poaching Around the World

TRUTH: Hunters are Funding Anti-poaching Around the World…
blood origins original truth wild game vs filet mignon

TRUTH: Wild game VS. Filet Mignon

No matter the situation, there are constant battles being fought…
blood origins original proof duiker saved

PROOF: Duiker Saved

Hunters and hunting have a PR problem. Blood Origins has taken…
Hotspot elephant-poaching areas in the Eastern Selous Game Reserve, Tanzania
Ivory poachers and poison: drivers of Africa's declining vulture populations
Evaluating wire-snare poaching trends and the impacts of by-catch on elephants and large carnivores
The power of poison: pesticide poisoning of Africa’s wildlife
Harnessing values to save the rhinoceros: insights from Namibia
The bushmeat trade in African savannas impact drivers and possible solutions