As a young man that trail of life can be steer him to the left or right depending on the values instilled in him. Often the values that are instilled are passed down from generation to generation. Those same values shape young men to be the men they are today. As father himself, it was imperative that he took those lessons and values that he had learnt from his dad and embed them into his sons. This responsibility of investment transcends genders and applies equally to boys and girls; however, there is a unique bond between father and son. By taking them outdoors, teaching them to hunt, allowing them to experience all that creation has to offer, those memories, those experiences, shaped who they would become today. All those activities instilled values into both his boys, that when he looks at the men that they have become today, he can only smile and be proud of who they are. Leonard has raised two fine young men in Hunter and Len. There is no doubt that the heritage of the love of the outdoors as well as hunting is now firmly “In The Blood”