Episode 79

Hunting cultures all around the world are unique. Often in today’s day and age, you find a lot of people who didn’t grow up hunting, embracing it for different reasons. Te Au O Te Moana Robb or “Mo” for short is a classic example of this. Didn’t grow up hunting, actually grew up urban, but found this deep desire to go into the outdoors, and essentially figure out how to find her own food from a health perspective. Mo is a young Kiwi woman, who fully embraces this lifestyle today. She operates and works in the non-native wildlife space, improving the biodiversity of her homeland New Zealand. She is constantly with one of her beloved dogs who is not only a companion but serves as an extension of herself in her role in non-native wildlife management. To her hunting is completely full circle – a tool to acquire sustainable, healthy, organic nourishment for herself and her dogs, a mechanism to maintain and enhance biodiversity of her beloved Aotearoa, and a way for her to be outside as much as she possibly can be. Hats off to you Mo. A lot of young women all over the world look up to you and how you represent women and hunters writ large.