Episode 68

Victoria Loomis or Tori is a chef out of the backwoods of Louisiana. You can probably find her barefoot squatted next to an open fire turning delicacies of wild game meat over with her fingers, probing the meat to make sure it’s done to her satisfaction.
From the outside looking in, Tori doesn’t resemble someone that you would automatically say is a hunter. She has a nose-ring, has a number of tattoos that she displays proudly, depending on the time of the year she may also have half her head shaved. She is a very independent woman, speaks her mind, and is at ease in the bayous and woods of southeast Louisiana.
Tori didn’t grow up hunting and has come into the lifestyle later in her life. However, once she figured out what this hunting lifestyle was, and how it intersected with her first joy which was cooking, there was no turning back on what she was going to do. She is inspired now to be the person she wants to be and hunting has allowed her to do that.