Episode 11

Will Primos is an icon in our hunting industry. As a young boy, his path to who he is today was shaped by his father and three Uncles. Will’s dad, along with his mother, Mary Ann, shaped and molded Will’s fabric as a man by being the example of what hard work and integrity achieves. Uncle Aleck, a barrier island fisherman, Uncle Gus an upland bird and duck hunting nut, and Uncle Billy who took Will into the woods deer hunting, let him experience what only the creator could show him.  These influences, along with the incredible support of his wife Mary, shaped him into who he is today, and now, Will, is doing the same to the next generation. His calls, his materials, his vision for what needed to be portrayed have shaped countless stories of generations. Who he represents is the epitome of what we all, and the hunting community as a collective, should strive towards.