When you drive down the highways of West Texas it will feel like Africa. The road width, the shoulder depth, the vegetation, it even sometimes smells like Africa. The highways are bordered by hundred of miles of high fence (just like Africa) and yes that may be keeping wildlife from getting on the highways and getting run over but mainly they are there to keep the wildlife, that is privately owned on their properties. However, there is an incredible stigma with the idea of a high fence from both the anti-hunting establishment as well as deeply rooted within the hunting community. Concepts of fair chase, ethics, easy of the kill will all be thrown around in a conversation about “High Fence Hunting”. Out of Africa sets in motion to challenge those concepts. This is what the vast majority of high fencing looks like, feels like, and the people behind the scenes operating them. This isn’t your small enclosure raised animal that is significantly confined, but rather something that will make you question your definition of free range. Watch it with an open mind, let yourself challenge the status quo, let yourself challenge you ideas of what high fence hunting is. Have a discussion in the comments section, its what’s needed most – which is for people to amicably discuss differing viewpoints – that’s a good thing! Massive thanks to West Texas SCI Chapter (Please link to their website as a hyperlink) for the support to generate this documentary.

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