blood originc conservation project location africa
blood originc conservation project location africa
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The Mangwa South District of Zimbabwe has been forgotten by the world and the government of Zimbabwe. A rural district where livestock remains the chief economic driver for villages dotted around the landscape. The villagers own the land, but have no resources to manage and improve it. That was until Guav and Courteney Johnson decided to help. Wire & Water captures the heart of the Johnson brothers. Their love for wildlife, the people of Dukwe Village and the environment they’re attempting to resurrect. A story of how sustainable wildlife use can provide protein, alternative income, jobs and security for resurgent animal populations. But most importantly how the community can ensure a ready supply of those two essential elements for life in this far flung region of Zimbabwe. Wire and water.

This story portrays how communities and individuals can work together to better their environment and sustain it for generations to come. A halt to the decades of decline seen in many parts of rural Africa. Though a common partnership in many parts of Africa, this story is seldom seen by those outside of the continent.

Grateful funding for this project from Bergara International and Dikar S Coop.

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